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Woking as a Kernel Engineer fixing bugs 
at Solaris Kernel(machine dependent level)
Doing Ph.D at School of Computer Engineering 
under Dr. Amos Omondi on the research topic: 
Micro-architectures for HighSpeed Java Processors 

Research Papers Published :

Hardware compilation for High-performance Java processors.  Satellite Workshop of ARCS 2002 on JAVA IN EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, April 11th, 2002 in Karlsruhe, Germany

* DSTRIDE : Data-cache miss-address-based stride prefetching scheme for multimedia processors. Published in Autraliasian Computer Architecture Conference held on Jan 2001 at Gold Coast, Australia.

* PARDISC: A Cost effective model for Parallel and Distributed Computing.
Published in High Performance Computing conference held on Jan 1997 at Trivandrum, India.

Last updated on 30th December 2002